Check out the latest news about the Oregon Coast, the Rocky Habitats Initiative, the health of our oceans, and the latest on Shoreline Education for Awareness and our efforts to work toward improving the ecology of the Southern Oregon Coast and marine life through collaboration with the many governmental and non-profit organizations listed on our “Links” page.

5/20/20: Seagrass Protection is a BIG DEAL

5/7/2020: Fisheries Assistance Announced

5/15/2020: Refrain from approaching seal pups

5/7/2020: Oregon Needs Public Input

5/5/2020: Putting Oceans in the “New Green Deal”

5/4/2020: New Fisheries Management Method

5/2/2020: Magnetic Pulses and Salmon Migration

4/29/2020: The Importance of Seagrass

4/27/2020: Oregon’s Gray Whales Health Changes

4/25/2020: Kelp forests are collapsing

4/23/2020: Clean Water Act Victory

4/22/2020: Free-Flowing Rivers Help

2/10/2020: Sea Otter Importance to Ocean Health




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