Shoreline Education for Awareness



Tufted Puffin 2

April 28 Annual Puffin Party at Face Rock, 10 am to 1 pm

Presented by SEA each year, this fun and educational hands-on event affords the public a unique opportunity to learn from volunteers and experts about one of the most elusive coastal seabirds, the Tufted Puffin. Through the lens of a spotting scope, visitors can spy the elusive birds possibly nesting among the Oregon Islands. There is also plenty of opportunity to observe other varieties of seabirds, pinnipeds or perhaps even spot a whale! Learn about the species you see and how each integrates into the coastal environment. This is a wonder-fully fun educational experience for people of all ages especially children who receive special SEA Children Activity Packets. Hot chocolate and delicious cookies are always on hand to take off the Spring chill!

Simpson Reef 294

SEA provides trained wildlife interpreters to visitors, schools and civic groups in meeting its primary mission of education regarding shoreline habitats and the wildlife along the southern Oregon coast.

In addition to the schools and civic groups in SEA had about 22,000 visitor contacts at Coquille Point and Simpson Reef during the summer season.

Links to other important organizations

There are many organizations doing important work in our region. We would like to let you know about them by sharing their links below. Please visit these sites and see what you can learn from them.

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