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For 2016 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service offers regularly scheduled Low Tide Interpretive Walks during the months of May, June,July and August. You can walk among the rocks on Bandon Beach near the Face Rock Wayside or Coquille Point. Other opportunities for exploring inter-tidal life exist at Sunset Bay near Charleston. To plan ahead, here is a list of the days (usually mornings) for inter-tidal adventures in Bandon that SEA believes are the best opportunities for viewing wildlife in daylight hours for 2016.

May dates

June dates

July dates

August dates

Best viewing times strongly depend on the tides. This determination is generally based on the tides being near -1.0 foot or lower after about 7 AM. Some organisms that are seen only a few hours per year are seen at these times. Negative tides for 2016 are: May 18-26, June 2-10,June 18-25, July 1-8, July 17-24 and July 30-31, August 1-5, August 16-20, and August 28-31.


Tide forecasts may be obtained for numerous Oregon locations at Salt Water Tides and entering your desired location, month and date. You may also access tide forecasts posted on the website of the Hatfield Marine Science Center of Oregon State University at Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon: 2016

Tide corrections to the Hatfield Marine Science Center information for other locations are also listed at their website. For example, the correction for Bandon Beach at the Coquille River mouth in Bandon means that the low tide occurs 6 minutes earlier and has a height of 84% of the height shown for Yaquina Bay.