Tidepool information

Before you head out to the wonderful world of tidepools, please watch this video. It will help you to understand how tough and fragile, tidepool creatures are. It is very easy to “love them to death” if we are careless about where we step or what we pick up. Watch, learn, and enjoy Oregon’s magical rocky shores!

It’ All Connected! Tidepools, Rocky Reefs, and Marine Reserves

If you wish to explore tidepools on your own, the best viewing times will depend on the tides. This determination is generally based on the tides being near two feet or lower. Low tide times vary depending on the position of the sun and moon. 

You can find the current tide predictions on the link below, which will take you to “tides and currents” at NOAA. 


Tidepool Etiquette

Never turn your back to the ocean.

Walk on bare rock or sand.

Do not pull invertebrates or shells off rocks, do not poke them or remove them from the shore.

Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

If you are close enough to seabirds and marine mammals to cause them to react, you are too close.

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