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Saturday, May 25, 2018, was a day of “once in a lifetime” events – two to be exact. Couple this with two other unusual sights, and you have an incredible day for the volunteers and visitors who were there. The…

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Plastic Armageddon

“Armageddon” in Webster’s Dictionary is defined as “a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation.” We are steadily approaching a plastic armageddon (in the sense of decisive confrontation). It’s impossible to look at all the ways we humans are assaulting the…

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Something to Think About

Here’s a Tedx talk that sets forth some very stunning research, demonstrating the crisis in our environment. I encourage you to listen to it and ask yourself, “What am I doing about this?” What CAN we do? Perhaps you can…

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What a privilege it is!!

Shoreline Education for Awareness (SEA) volunteers are a privileged group of people. We are taught by wildlife experts about the lives and behaviors of a wide range of shoreline creatures – from birds and pinnipeds to whales and tide pool…

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Simpson Reef today

Today was a great day at Simpson Reef. The weather was beautiful, and 152 visitors from all over the world were delighted by the harbor seals, Northern elephant seals, California sea lions and Stellar sea lions. Families from Amsterdam, Switzerland,…

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Face Rocking

Face Rock was sunny and rocking today! In addition to seeing hundreds of common murres at the top of Face Rock, we were treated to about an hour-long “courtship” by 2 tufted puffins. After strolling about near the top for 20 or…

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