It’s all connected: Tidepools, Rocky Reefs, and Marine Reserves

Since the first time I walked an ocean shoreline in Sitka, Alaska, I have been fascinated by all the creatures I saw there. My children were even more fascinated than I was, so we spent a lot of time poking and prodding and picking up “creatures.” We even went so far as to bring some home. Maybe many of you reading this post have done the same thing. You might even still be doing it.

We simply LOVE these wonderful, living creatures and want to make them our own!!! And when we get them home, the inevitable sadness arrives. They die! They aren’t meant to be taken from their inter-tidal home.

Now that I’m older, and hopefully wiser, I know that the love my children and I had for our rocky shores habitat was harming it. I simply didn’t know how to behave around tidepools.

So, in case you are like I was, please watch the video I’ve attached below. Not only might you learn how to interact positively with the inter-tidal wonderland at your feet, you’ll also see an impressive video showing the beauty of our Oregon shores!!! Happy tidepooling!!

Rocky Shores Habitat: Handle with Care

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