Hope for the Future

What have you heard about the concept of “regenerative agriculture?” Watch this short film and judge for yourself. Is it a band aid or a major surgery for the destructive effects of agri-business?

Regenerative Agriculture

Of course, this isn’t all that is being done to reverse the degradation of our planet. Many governments, private businesses, and non-governmental organizations are working at finding healthy ways for people and nature to thrive together, and this is wonderful to watch. The growing presence of wind turbines and solar farms are a great encouragement.

But we all know that the driving force for restoring our planet is in the hands of each person who calls Earth home. When we choose to conserve electricity, to reduce our individual use of fossil fuels, to reduce, reuse and recycle the materials that we use – especially plastics – we are in small ways “fixing” the planet.

Personally, I am becoming more hopeful about the future of our planet because I am becoming more thoughtful about my relationship to it. And I see more and more people around me doing the same. Shouldn’t we all live more carefully? More conscientiously? And isn’t it disturbing when we see environmental abuse happening, whether it is being done by governments, big business, or individuals? I believe we all need hope. I will be looking for “good news” articles and sharing them from time to time with you. I HOPE you enjoy them.

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