Saturday was wet and windy at the annual Puffin Party. Cold, too! But for the 45 or so people who persevered, they got more than hot coffee and “tufted puffin muffins.” Thanks to the sharp eyes of Nancy Bailey, we all had the thrill of seeing a pair of puffins in their burrow atop Face Rock. We are all pulling for the pair to have a successful nesting experience and look forward to seeing their chick (hopefully) fly off in July.

Raffle prizes were awarded at the Puffin Party, as promised. Doesn’t it seem appropriate that Nancy Bailey had her ticket drawn for the Coquille Lighthouse wall hanging? Sharp eyes and good karma! What a great combination.

Coquille Lighthouse Wall Hanging

Anadara Fossil Necklace







And on a rainy day, what could be more appropriate than drawing the raffle ticket of Raini Williams for this beautiful sterling silver necklace with anadara fossil clam shell from Bullards Beach?

Congratulations to both of our raffle winners!!

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