Well, I am! Breeding season is rapidly approaching. Bird pairs are beginning to establish nests. Seal pups are squeezing out from their mothers’ wombs! And SEA is getting ready to help you see it all when you come to our locations in Bandon’s Coquille Point and Charleston’s Simpson Reef.

What a year it’s been thus far. Check out our Spring Newsletter to read about what’s gone on and what will be going on soon. Read SEA President Mary Garrett‘s terrific article “Collaboration is the Key.” Get inspired to make a positive difference in our environment after reading Anna Diehl‘s “A Word of Appreciation.”

Learn about the plight of the marbled murrelet, and our snowy plovers. Especially important at this time of year is to refresh what you know about how to behave around the seals and seal pups that you’ll almost certainly encounter if you walk our local beach. And listen to the story of our Bandon Marsh.

Meet our secretary, Arlene Esqueda, and get her take on working hard (and boy, does she EVER!!) for SEA. Take a peak at our very own garbage clean up team.

And check out the big spring kick-off event, SEA’s annual Puffin Party. It’s a great time to be on the point – even greater if puffins cooperate and show off for all of us that day.

Are you ready to volunteer some time to help us show off our summer guests? Come to our Volunteer Training on May 22 and 23 at the Bandon Community Center. Details in the article about the Puffin Party and Volunteer Training on the from page of the newsletter.

Come join us! We need your help – and we want your company! Let’s COLLABORATE TOGETHER!!! It’s the key to our future.

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  1. Greetings Bill, Thank you for sharing this information with me. I feel it is important for our volunteers to be able to learn, together, about opportunities to be educated observers. I’ve cc’d our director, Phillip Johnson. He will, I’m sure, have additional ideas about the way we can collaborate. We can work together to get the marine mammal training scheduled with Dr. Dawn Golay and Jim Rice. Would your group also be interested in adopting a mile, focusing on citizen science on that mile? Fawn

    Fawn Custer CoastWatch Volunteer Coordinator 541.270.0027 fawn@oregonshores.org POB 90, Seal Rock, OR 97376 https://oregonshores.org/ https://www.facebook.com/OregonShoresCW/



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