SEA is very happy to announce our seminar dates and times as well as our annual Puffin Party. This year we are being bold and stepping out with a couple of new seminar venues: Washed Ashore and 7Devils Brewery.

At Washed Ashore in downtown Bandon we will be sharing wine and cheese as we listen to Nancy Treneman talk about the world’s “marine debris superhighway.” And at 7Devils Brewery in Coos Bay we’ll partake of their delicious offerings as we listen to Tom Calvanese present his research titled “Why Size Matters – Tracking Rockfish at the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve.”

In addition to these two experimental venues, we’ll be hearing from Chris Claire at the Charleston Marine Life Center as he speaks about “Coos Kings, Coos River Basin Chinook through the Looking Glass.” Finally, at the Bandon Community Library’s Sprague Room we’ll be watching the encouraging film from Green Fire Productions about “Ocean Frontiers” and the work being done to save our oceans and marine life.

Check dates and times on our website’s “SEA Seminars” page.

Hope to see you at every one of these seminars as well as at the Puffin Party on April 28!

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