Invitation for you to participate

SEA turns 27 this year. We will celebrate our anniversary at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at the Bandon Community Center (The Barn). If you are able, please join us for this celebration. You can see all of the details in the following link:

2017 Annual Meeting

27 years takes a toll on equipment, as you can imagine. The spotting scopes are integral to what we are able to do at the overlooks where we introduce the public to the marine life gracing out rocks, reefs, and islands. Without these scopes, Face Rock can appear devoid of life at a time when there are literally thousands of nesting common murres and cormorants on it. Without the scopes the pinnipeds resting on Shell Island look like a large lump of noisy piles of pillows from Simpson Reef Overlook.

But WITH the use of spotting scopes and the guidance of our trained volunteers, this display of marine marvel springs to life. Simpson Reef 010

We have launched a campaign to raise the money needed to purchase new spotting scopes and tripods. If you will click on the link below, you can see what we want and what we need. And if you are able and willing, you can donate to this campaign so that we can continue to WOW and to educate the people from around the world.

Opportunity to help


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