Oceanography Seminar February 18

Dr. Alan Shanks, Professor of Marine Biology at OIMB, will give a presentation on ocean dynamics and how oceans influence our environment and related habitats.

The best way to give you a feel for this topic is to read what he says about it in his own words: “Biological Oceanography deals with the interplay between ocean movement and how that movement affects the biology of marine life. I am strongly driven by my curiosity. Early in my career, I discovered that if I was observant and followed my curiosity, I could make novel discoveries. Throughout my career, I have tried to pay attention to my observations and serendipity and to actively follow these leads.  When training students (undergraduate or graduate), one of my primary goals is to persuade them to follow their curiosity as this leads to novel and creative discoveries (and besides it is fun).”

This seminar will be on Saturday, February 18th from 9 am -12:00 pm at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Boathouse Auditorium, 63466 Boat Basin Rd., Charleston, Oregon.

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