US Fish and Wildlife Volunteers having a great time!!!

Hi all,

We had the great low tides on Saturday and Sunday so we were able to get out around the north end of Middle Coquille to the little sea cave that always captivates the visitors.  We did not see any Oystercatcher activity on the rock we had hoped had a nest.  We did find several “colonies”, (is that the right term?) of baby Sea Stars in the cave.

Again, we had a Bandon local experience the caves for the first time and she was thrilled.  We don’t know who enjoys it more, the visitors, or us when we see their reactions.  We have attached a few pics, through the opening of the cave one harbor seal posed on a rock for photos, fun. The lighting is poor inside the cave so please forgive the quality of the pics.  Also, we did see one Tufted Puffin land on Middle Coquille where we had seen two previously.  John Dillard shared a wonderful photo he captured of a puffin on Elephant Rock.

Monday the visitors enjoyed watching  the activity at Simpson Reef, and for some reason, an elephant seal was more than happy to oblige by crawling across the sand bar waiving his proboscis around the whole time, then he laid down in the same spot for the rest of the day.  We also saw two gray whales, one that dived deep enough to give us a glimpse of his tail.  The visitors stood around waiting for the blows and everyone would start shouting and pointing, too fun.

Tuesday was a quiet day, the low tide wasn’t very low and so many of the birds seem to have left, the  number of visible Common Murres has plummeted and unfortunately we had a dead Murre Chick on the beach when we arrived.  The Gull chicks still entertain people practicing their flying and the Pelagic Cormorant chicks are continuing to demand food from the adults.

Until next week.

The Roches

IMG_1265 IMG_1269 IMG_1270

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