Simpson Reef today

Simpson Reef visitors
Simpson Reef visitors

Today was a great day at Simpson Reef. The weather was beautiful, and 152 visitors from all over the world were delighted by the harbor seals, Northern elephant seals, California sea lions and Stellar sea lions. Families from Amsterdam, Switzerland, and New Zealand joined others from Alberta, Canada as well as New York, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, Utah and Oregon – 152 in all – to watch these pinnipeds lounging around on Shell Island and the surrounding rocks.

To add to the glory of the day, between 15 to 20 pelicans delighted us with their dramatic fly-by. They look so majestic as they skim the surface of the ocean in formation, resembling something out of the imagination of George Lucas – only real and regal.

Come enjoy the show any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 11 AM and 3 PM at Simpson Reef. You won’t be disappointed (unless the fog rolls in and erases the canvas of Shell Island’s artistic expressions!!!).

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